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Asbestos Ore Plants

Map of Plants that Processed Asbestostainted Ore Asbestos and Libby Health The University Of Montana

Plants that Processed Asbestostainted Ore Millions of tons of the same asbestostainted vermiculite ore that sickened and killed hundreds in Libby, Mont., was shipped to plants in cities across the United States and Canada. The mine operated from 1924 to

Asbestos Plant Workers Exposure, Risks, Studies and Lawsuits

Some asbestos mining operations owned asbestos plants to process the ore for sale. In the Eastern United States alone, 60 asbestos mines were in operation from the 1800s through 1993. Information on where the ore from these mines was processed is difficult to find.

Asbestos Ore Plants

asbestos ore plants vermiculite ore plant asbestos ore plants, with asbestos from vermiculite ore that was received from Libbyat the former get price UC HealthNews : Plant Workers Exposed to Vermiculite Ore

Chemical Plants and Asbestos Dangers, Companies and Exposure

Chemical plants are notorious sources of asbestos exposure, relying on asbestos to insulate manufacturing machinery or to make protective gear. Based in Midland, Mich., Dow exposed many workers to asbestoscontaining materials and asbestos lining for hightemperature equipment used in its plants.

The Danger in Your Garden Asbestos Contaminated Vermiculite

Asbestos ore is made up of long, thin fibers that can only be seen through a microscope. When these tiny fibers become airborne, they can be inhaled into the lungs, where they might eventually cause asbestosis, lung cancer, and even the deadly asbestos cancer mesothelioma. Vermiculite was first identified in 1881 in a mine near Libby, Montana.

Chart: Workers in Libby Vs. Workers in Plants That Processed Libby Ore disGraceful EWG

WORKERS IN PLANTS THAT PROCESSED LIBBY ORE BREATHED MORE ASBESTOS THAN WORKERS AT THE LIBBY MINE BUT MANY WILL RECEIVE NOTHING UNDER THE SPECTER/LEAHY BILL City,State Number of Tests Average Asbestos Level at plant Above or below average asbestos level at the Libby Mine 1.2 fib/CC Chicago, IL 4 3.3 2 times higher than the Libby Mine level Dearborn, MI 2 2.0 Above Libby Mine level Easthampton

Asbestos Wikipedia

Asbestos pronounced: / s b s t s / or / s b s t s / is a naturally occurring fibrous sili e mineral.There are six types, all of which are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals, each fibre being composed of many microscopic quotfibrilsquot that can be released into the atmosphere by abrasion and other processes.

Metalworks and Asbestos Occupations, Companies and Litigation

These substances, which included asbestos, had an adverse effect on those who worked with or near them at the companys steel and shipyard plants. Employees in places like Bethlehem Steels many plants began to notice breathing problems and many were dying at a young age, but they were told that asbestos had nothing to do with their ailments or untimely deaths.

disGraceful Environmental Working Group

From 1948 to 1993, more than 5.8 million tons of asbestoscontaminated ore from Libby, MT, was shipped to 236 different addresses in 39 states EWG 2004 . Most of this vermiculite ore was heated in furnaces and quotpoppedquot into insulation, which by some estimates is in the attics of about 30 million American homes.

Industrial Workers and Asbestos Exposure AtRisk Occupations

Many American manufacturers, power plants and factories used asbestos in their products, but the mineral was also used throughout the buildings themselves. From insulation and flooring to ceiling tiles and even the protective gear employees wore while handling hot materials, workers were often at high risk of asbestos exposure.

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