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How To Show Clint Copper Ore

How do I give Clint copper ore : StardewValley Reddit

15 Jan 2020 You don39t actually give him the ore. As you gather it, it increases your quotcountquot until the quest amount is satisfied. You can even dump it in a chest.

Quest Bug: Can39t give ore to Clint :: Stardew Valley Bug Reports

1 Mar 2016 I accepted a quest to give 20 Copper Ore to Clint the Blacksmith for 220G, and I get to keep the ore afterward. However, when I attempt to deliver the ore, it registers as a gift, which happens to Showing 113 of 13 comments.

Clint39s copper ore quest :: Stardew Valley General Discussions

4 Nov 2020 Simply quotgivingquot him the ore doesn39t work if the quest marker isn39t full, and you lose one ore from your inventory and make him sad. quotThis is a

Good way to collect Copper Ores for Clint quest Stardew Valley

17 Jan 2021 I show you a great way to collect copper ores quickly for clint39s copper ore quest.

How to do Gathering ore quest Stardew Valley YouTube

23 Mar 2017 You need to collect the ores before you give them to Clint. You can39t just bring ores you collected a long time ago.

iOS BUG Clint bug Stardew Valley Forums

28 Apr 2020 The issue is regarding gathering copper ores for Clint. Once I accept You39re supposed to present them as if they weren39t a gift. Is it the one

Solved Clint ore quest bug Stardew Valley Forums

16 Mar 2021 You don39t need to give the ore to Clint. Go into the mine to collect the right amount, then go and talk to him.

Clint Stardew Valley Wiki

16 Jan 2021 Clint is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. He owns and runs the local Blacksmith.

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